Cavendish View School

We are a small, independent school in Walton, Liverpool. We share a site with our Nurture Provision that delivers high quality Early Years Education for pupils with a range of neuro-diverse conditions.

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Welcome to Cavendish View School

Cavendish View is our brand-new school in Walton, Liverpool, providing a nurturing and stimulating education for pupils aged 5-11 years with special educational needs. We work in partnership with parents, carers and professionals to provide the best education and holistic experiences for all our children. We have children attend from the Boroughs of Sefton, Knowsley and Liverpool.

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We provide every child with a robust educational experience that is enjoyable, stimulating and supportive. All pupils benefit from input from a multi-disciplinary team consisting of teachers, a family liaison officer, teaching assistants, speech and language therapist and play therapist.

We use the EHCP outcomes alongside curriculum frameworks to plan and guide the learning processes. These are reviewed at key census points across the year and progress and achievement is measured. Our curriculum is child-centred and focusses on the five key areas: Communication and Interaction, Cognition and Learning, Social, Emotional and Mental Health and Physical and Sensory Needs.

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The Cavendish Way

Our ethos and values are embedded into everything we do here in school. We focus on the four domains:

Teaching & Learning

Environment for learning

Behaviour for learning

Wellbeing for learning

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Key Staff

Charlotte Liley

Charlotte Liley


Hello, I am Charlotte. As Headteacher, it is my responsibility to ensure that all students at Cavendish View School are safe, secure and educated inclusively, I also firmly believe that it is within my brief to make sure that all children have an amazing experience and love coming to school. We have a dedicated staff team that are constantly developing and adapting to the needs of our pupils and an organic curriculum that follows the interests of our learners.

Carole Doherty

Carole Doherty

Deputy Headteacher

Hello I am Carole Doherty, I started at school back in February 2023 and I am so happy to be part of the Cavendish Journey. I am currently developing the curriculum provision within the school and focussing on the tracking and reporting of progress and achievement across the year groups. Every day is a learning opportunity for everyone here at school and Nurture. have four girls of my own and big extended family. Family is important to me and the values that uphold them. I have a love of music and reading.

Joanne Aney

Joanne Aney

School Business Manager

Hi, I am Joanne and I look at all things financial within the school. I oversee the funding process and pupil premium requirements for children. Within my role, I also track training and development for the team and support parents and carers daily with questions and answers and signpost them to the correct professional. I have a nurturing heart and want the best outcomes for all they children at school. I am very family orientated and enjoy having all my family around me. I am a keen Everton supporter and even my dog is called Dixie!

Sue Chilvers

Sue Chilvers

Speech & Language Therapist

Hi, I’m Sue, I’ve worked for over 15 years within the NHS and in the private sector as a Speech and Language Therapy Assistant (SLTA). I have had training in a range of therapeutic strategies including Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS), Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP), Intensive Interaction, Attention Autism, Sensory Integration, Making Sense of Play, Gestalt language Processing and Makaton. I aim to work together with teachers, families and other professionals to provide effective child-centered intervention.

Ruth Kinsella-Tate

Ruth Kinsella-Tate

Play Therapist

Hi, I’m Ruth, the Play Therapist from Child in Mind. One-to-one Therapy. I support with weekly therapy for children in need of individual therapeutic support. This is tailored specifically to the age-range of the children and young people in your school. Play therapy is a form of psychotherapy that is developmentally informed; under the age of twelve, children find it difficult to verbally express their thoughts and feelings. The modality offers a unique 1:1 relationship in a consistent space where the child can work through any issues or different feelings they have, using play – their natural form of communication.

Louise Kelly

Louise Kelly

Family Liaison & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Hi I’m Louise, as the Schools’ family Liaison and Safeguarding lead, I work alongside parents and carers to offer support and guidance around a range of needs. Within my role I work across school and Nurture to provide support and pastoral care to all our families and children. I am involved from the initial referral and intake process and I make home visits and undertake observations in current settings to support a smooth transition to school and to identify any support needs the children and families may require. I love my role and feel passionate about all the children in our care.