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Learning is bespoke and person centred so that individual skills can be developed and enhanced and maintained. Progress is monitored alongside the EHCP outcomes and curriculum frameworks.

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Curriculum Statement

Cavendish View and Walton Nurture Schools offers a bespoke curriculum to children with a range of diagnoses such as ASC, ADHD and Global Developmental Delay. Children will follow a rich sensory and intentional communication pathway, a more formal learning pathway and a specific ASC Pathway.

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At Cavendish View, we strive to equip our children with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to become fully active participants in an ever-changing world. Our pupils have a range of additional needs, and our curriculum is planned to incorporate individual needs whilst maintaining the highest aspirations for all of our pupils.

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The curriculum builds on each child’s prior knowledge and understanding. At the start of each topic or unit of work, children contribute to their content by completing a subject knowledge audit. These are devised to take into account the knowledge and skills that have been covered previously so that teachers can address any existing misconceptions and build on prior knowledge. We work alongside a range of professionals to ensure all of our children are accessing our curriculum at a level suitable to their age and stage of development. This includes work with our in-house Speech and Language Therapist and a Play Therapist who works on-site each week.

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We review the impact of our curriculum through robust monitoring procedures, such as data analysis, work scrutiny and learning walks. Actions arising from these are addressed in staff meetings and supervisions, to ensure reflective practice and accountability of all staff. We also hold regular strategy meetings and gather the views of parents, staff and pupils through questionnaires that we distribute each term to monitor the impact and effectiveness of all that we do.


Mathematics Curriculum

We want our children to become confident and competent mathematicians who can apply maths skills in real-life contexts. We teach our children to understand key concepts in maths by planning lessons that meet each child’s age and stage of development.

PSHE Curriculum

We want our children to leave Cavendish View equipped for the challenges that lie ahead and ready to be active participants in society. Through our curriculum we aim to prepare our pupils for a range of different social situations and equip them with key life skills they will need to thrive in the rapidly changing world.

English Curriculum

We aim to equip our children with the skills they need to develop their independence and participate in society. We work to develop key skills in literacy, such as basic grammar and punctuation, we are striving to cultivate our children’s love of reading for pleasure.We immerse pupils in a world of stories, so they begin to understand not only the joy of reading, but also how writer’s achieve their desired impact through language choice and character portrayal.

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Together with this we have designed environments to allow for the best possible outcomes, providing safe spaces to stimulate or provide calm depending on requirement. These include:

Sensory Gym

This is a space that can be used to support regulation and features within children’s timetables across the day. They can focus on proprioceptive or vestibular workouts to maintain their health and wellbeing.

Light Room

A sensory space with a range of equipment, magic carpet and interactive lights to support a range of early communication development. There is cause and effect equipment to support learning and social communication development.

Soft Play

An indoor play space made for young children to explore and creates a soft, padded environment to develop body awareness, burn off energy and is a safe and fun environment for young children to interact and develop essential life skills.


If you are interested in applying to our schools, please contact our Business Development Manager at or contact your local authority to send a referral.

Application Form

It begins with an initial inquiry


We encourage prospective students to visit


Complete an application form


Our intake team carefully reviews each submission

Funding Application

Successful applicants are offered a place at school subject to funding


Students are supported through the enrolment process, which involves completing the necessary paperwork, transition visits


We ensure that every prospective student receives the guidance they need to embark on a successful educational journey with us

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Term Dates

No. Start Date End Date Weeks Days
1 5th September 2023 27th October 2023 8 0
2 6th November 2023 22nd December 2023 6 4
3 8th January 2024 9th February 2024 4 4
4 19th February 2024 28th March 2024 5 3
5 15th April 2024 24th May 2024 6 0
6 3rd June 2024 19th July 2024 6 4

Inset Dates

School closed to pupils
19th July 2024
4th September 2023
28th March 2024
27th October 2023
15th April 2024